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Do Prenatal Vitamins Help With Fertility? How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant By 40%

I've heard that taking prenatal vitamins can help with people getting pregnant. I've been taking folic acid for the past 3 weeks, and just got prenatal vitamins and started taking those instead, just wondering if anyone has used those and had success, or felt that they influenced them getting pregnant.

If you identify with the question above, then the definite answer is: Yes!! It can help with getting pregnant. For example, say you had a very short luteal phase of say 8 days, taking Vitamin B complex is supposed to lengthen it. Also if you are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals then your immune system may go down and implantation might not occur. This also true for males as well.

If your body is deprived of nutrients, then your whole body system suffers, hormones are a big factor in achieving pregnancy, and if one thing isn't working efficiently, then others won't either.

Yes, prenatal vitamins can help, and they increase your chances as much as 40%. That's why doctors recommend you to take prenatal vitamins before trying to conceive, in case your body is lacking of vitamins and minerals that might be weakening your body making it difficult to get pregnant.

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I had a hormonal problem after having the deprovera injection, I'd been suffering for whole year with bleeding in between periods etc. and then i started taking Multi vitamins and omega 3 and suddenly within about 6 weeks my symptoms went and 2 weeks later i was pregnant!!

Therefore, it is highly recommended to take prenatal vitamins before, during and after pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are not only good for the baby, but good for you too, so both mommy and baby benefit from it. Also one of the great things a lot of women say is that their hair becomes more luminous and their finger nails grow faster and stronger after a while, how about that as a bonus eh?

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