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Complex Ovarian Cyst Causing Vaginal Pain

Generally, the cyst in the ovary will not create symptoms and are seen during the usual physical examination or the same may be seen by option on an ultrasound test taken for various reasons. However, some of the following symptoms may be available. They are pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic pain that may commence and stop. It may be very severe, sharp and also sudden. The menstrual periods will be irregular. There may be a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen or in the pelvic or fullness.

The pelvic pain may be for a longer period during the menstrual period. The pain may also be felt at the lower back. Severe pelvic main may also be developed after the strenuous work out and also after the sexual intercourse. The pain or the pressure may develop further with the movement of bowel or with the urination. There may also be symptoms of vomiting and nausea. Some of the patients may also develop pain in the vagina or may have some blood spots from the vagina. Infertility is also one of the symptoms. The side effects of the cyst in the ovary include abundant bleeding during menstruation, pain in the breasts, pelvic pain and bleeding in the vagina apart from the other illnesses.

Women having their surgery for the cyst in the ovary may have serious menstruations after the surgery. The time gap between the surgery and the commencement of the 1st period may vary by and large. Some of the women will have their 1st periods after 2 months of their surgery and some of the women will take more time in getting their periods and some of the women will have 2 periods within ten days after the surgery. In addition to this, the blood flow during the menstruation will be very heavy when compared to the blood flow prior to the surgery.

When there is an unusual blood flow from the pelvic area, it will create a great worry for any woman irrespective of her age. Any kind of bleeding apart from the time of the menstruation and also a heavy flow of blood during the menstruation could perceptibly be a reason for the sadness. It is extremely vital therefore to arrive at the reason for this bleeding. It is important to ascertain the source of the blood flow whether the same is from the uterus or from any tissue or the organ. After analyzing the above points, remedial measures that are required to be taken to control and stop the bleeding. Of all the potentialities, the one which is the most risky is the bleeding from the vagina and if it happens, immediate attention should be given on an urgent basis.

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It is a well known fact that the menstruation cycles for any women is 28 days with about 7 days more or less margin sometimes. The menstruation for the women may last from 2-7 days. The heavy flow should not be for more than 2 days.

Bleeding from the vagina has to be monitored as the same may be the indication of the cyst in the ovary. Also bleeding from the vagina after the usual menstrual cycle will indicate the presence of cysts. This will assist the doctor in diagnosing the cyst problem and to give the proper medicine.

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