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  1. says:

    Does getting a fibroid tumor in my breast removed hurt?
    i’m female.I must undergo surgery/ operation to get one removed. I was told they’d just numb the breast. I’m freaking out that i will feel everything. Has anyone had this situation or can shed a little light?

  2. Priya says:

    I have fibroid tumour in my breast..can it be trated without surgery?
    this is the second time i have developed a tumour in my breast..i do not want to undergo surgery again as it leaves scars on my breast..can it be treated without surgery?

  3. wider scope says:

    Can you help me clarify this issue of tumors in breast and uterus and cysts on ovaries?
    I am about to have a breast biopsy. I have been told I have a large fibroid tumor in my uterus and I have large cysts on my left ovaries, too. I have had a lot of pain on my lower left quadrant and am having some bowel and bladder problems. I actually went into the doctor because I can feel the growths in my abdomen, can see that my lower left abdomen sits higher than my left when lying down and have become uncomfortable when sitting due to the pressure.

    My doctor last week wanted to start me on Depo Prov-era to shrink the cysts, but I read that that could accelerate tumor growth so, I called her back telling her I did not want the shots until my biopsy is complete.

    I don’t know what exactly is making me uncomfortable altogether, but am guessing it is the tumor that is putting pressure on my bladder right now causing me some problems there.

    They do not want to take out my uterine tumor, but wouldn’t it make sense to take it at the same time I have my breast biopsy? Can I demand that they do? What’s my best angle on that? Since that is what I want? My lower abdomen is so swollen.

    Also, how do they know that the uterine tumor is not cancerous?

    I am 47yo and have always been athletic, but now the discomfort I feel in my lower region is making me reluctant to even move… I am not ready to just sit on the couch! I want this taken care of, so I can go on with my life!
    zini, perhaps I mis-’termed.’ I am scheduled for surgery and I will be asleep.
    thank you, tru-man – you are a true gent!

    • trumain says:

      From my better half Lady Avianasnowwolfe…A few years ago I had my entire uterus removed, both ovaries and part of my bladder. Why because my doctor gave me birth control pills to help stem the bleeding caused by fibroid tumors. What happened was the pills made the things grow to huge sizes and helped more grow. By the time I went to surgery I had one the size of a six month old baby!

      I had to have extensive surgery, as noted above, months of recovery, I lost large amounts of blood, they had to remove extensive tissue as the tumors grew on everything around my uterus and ovaries and bladder as well. It was horrible. Yes they gave me some Depo shots too and it did shrink the one big cyst I had…however it was extermely expensive and our insurance refused to pay for it!! $500. a shot!!!

      Unfortunately I had no choice…they could not do the surgery until the main tumor was smaller and I was dieing from the bleeding.

      So my advice to you first, get a second and third opinion!!! Never take the word of one doctor!!! Get a couple of opinons. It was the second doctor that saved my life. Actually, with an off the cuff idea. Yeah I lost a portion of my bladder… but Im alive…so it was worth it.

      I wish you all the luck in the world my friend!

  4. Xo~BabyDoll~Xo says:

    is this normal for fibroid tumors ?
    i was informed that i had a fibroid tumor in my uterus and that its the size of a 12wk preg. but the only symptoms i have are pain in lower ab. ,pain in lower back and tailbone, and pain in my legs , my periods seem to be reg. and i do bleed a lil heavy when i get them and i some times pass clots the first 2 days . i dont bleed inbetween my periods either at last not yet thank god , i do feel pressure on my pelvic bone , and it has a burning feeling, my breast seem to be hurting and my nipples are burning exspecially when touched . is that normal for having a fibroid tumor? anyways my gyn. told me that i needed a hysterectomy too and well i dotn want to lose my uterus but if ness. i will go , but i am looking into geting that ufe prcedure . the only thing that alarms me is that my doc only did a pelvic exam and didnt go any further to make sure that is what i had and told me that i needed surgry , i find that a bit wierd and scary !if any1 can help pls email @

    • banzai says:

      your doctor is 100% correct, but if you’re that concerned that it’s correct, go see another GYN, who will most likely tell you the same thing.

      Fibroids that large can be dangerous, and almost always grow back. You really want to treat this soon. Pain is not an easy thing to live with, and the risk of endometrial cancers is nothing to ignore.

      Yes, it sucks that you may have to have a hysterectomy, but think of the other alternative, fibroids progessing more and more, causing more and more pain, until they eventually could turn cancerous and can kill you. You have to weight the decision.

  5. Crazy Christian says:

    Breast Exam. I had a breast exam in July. My doctor said I had fibroid tumors from b/c and coffee. Is this it?
    I felt a small knot in my left breast. It’s on the inner inside. Right where my breast begins in the middle of my chest. I feel it lumpy on the other breast but not an actualy round feeling knot. Since I went to the doctor’s I’ve quit coffee and b/c so the fibroid tumors appear to be gone. Do I wait until my next check up?
    I am only 30 and I’ve never had a mammogram. It’s this one lump I am confused on. I should check again after my period next week?

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