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Cysts on Ovaries Symptoms - A Safe, Easy Way to Cure Cysts on Ovaries

Author: Laura Madison

Any woman that has ovarian cyst will be quick to tell you that she hates having to deal with the pain and discomfort that comes with it, and would probably do anything to get rid of the pain for good. There are several different remedies for the cyst on ovaries symptoms, and they do not have to be surgery or medications.

Cysts on Ovaries Symptoms

1. Pain during sex
2. Weight gain
3. Vomiting
4. Abnormal bleeding
5. Breast tenderness
6. dull ache in the lower back
7. Pelvic pain
8. Pain during your period

Women can use natural treatments in the comfort of their own home that will get rid of their ovarian cyst and stop them from returning. When a woman has a ruptured cyst, the pain is so bad that they might have to stay at home in bed. You could have pain in the pelvic area and this is a symptom of cyst on the ovaries.

A great way to relieve your pain and get some comfort right now is to drink a hot cup of herbal tea and put a heating pad on the pelvic area. Also, you don't want to wear clothes that are too tight on the pelvic area, because more pressure will cause you too be uncomfortable. You can take some pain reliever for some immediate relief. You should try to avoid drinking alcohol because it dehydrates the body, making it hard for your body to filter out toxins and retain water.

You need to give natural cures for cyst on ovaries symptoms a chance because they work and are completely safe. A lot of women are quick to take medications and still will suffer from cyst on ovaries symptoms for years. The main solution for getting rid of ovarian cysts is taking care of your body, having a proper diet and knowing how to treat the symptoms.

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When I had my own problems with my cysts, I was desperate to find a natural cure and get rid of the terrible pain. You can free yourself from the pain and get a natural cure to help you feel better right now.

Discover how thousands of women have instantly releived their constant pain and begin shrinking their Ovarian Cyst within 3 days, completely eliminating them within 8 weeks. This can be done without ever using drugs or resorting to risky surgery. Get help now with Cysts on Ovaries Symptoms.


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Laura Madison is an online researcher and has been studying natural cures for women's health issues for years.

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9 Responses to Symptoms Of Fibroids On Ovaries

  1. Avatard says:

    Do you think these are symptoms of fibroids or endometriosis?
    I have an appointment to see a gynocologist next month, but I’m curious if anyone else can relate to these symptoms.

    I experience sharp stabbing pains where one ovary is located, also deep in the vagina, and in the rectum (happens between ovulation and menstruation). These pains last anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes and are debilitating, but go away as quickly as they appear.

    I also experience a dull, aching pain (not severe, just uncomfortable) inside the vagina, mainly on one side (before and during menstruation).

    I’ve had these symptoms on and off for about 2 years. Doctors before have mostly dismissed it for “cramps.”

    I’m in my mid-30′s.

    Any input / personal experiences are greatly appreciated.

    • Angelbunny17 says:

      Hi. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 34 because of 6 fibroids and severe endometriosis. I experienced the exact kind of pains that you have described. I had them for 2 years before i could convince a doctor that something was very wrong with me. Finally i had to have surgery ( that’s the only sure way to diagnose endometriosis and fibroids ). By that time, it was so bad, because nobody listened to me for 2 years, that i had to have a hysterectomy. It was a relief to finally be out of pain after so long. Don’t let the doctors dismiss your symptoms if you feel there is something wrong. I knew, but i wasn’t persistant enough, and let them blow me off for years. Your pains could be caused by a number of female problems, so it’s best to get a good doctor who will take you seriously, and listen to what you tell them. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon :-)

  2. Driver's Wife says:

    Abnormal menstrual cycle? I NEED HELP!!!?
    OK, this may end up being a little long, but I need to know. And before I start, let me just say, I have NOT been to the doctor yet, mainly because I’m too scared to find out what is wrong.

    I have been having really weird, abnormal periods for a little over a year now. I track how long my period is every month on a small calendar that I carry in my purse. The troubles really began in July-August of ’08, I had my period starting July 18th, but it didn’t END until August 28th!!! I went for 6 weeks! And then September came and I started on the 12th, ended on the 19th. One week. October I started on the 26th and ended on November 1st. Then for the rest of November and all of December, I didn’t have a period, at all! Then in January of this year, I started on the 12th, ended on the 22nd. This period was VERY light and instead of being a bright red color, it was brown and pink with very little red mixed in. And then in February, I started on the 9th, it’s now the 6th of March and I’m still going strong. I’m not bleeding heavily, but it IS steady. A couple of times in the last week it seemed like I was going to stop bleeding, but then an hour or two later, I would start bleeding more steadily again.

    I’m not on birth control, in fact it’s the opposite, my husband and I have been trying to conceive since October, but haven’t been successful yet. My question is, does this sound like just a regular cyst on one or both of my ovaries, or is something more serious? I’ve researched all over the internet about abnormal periods and haven’t been able to find anything. I don’t have the symptoms for uterine fibroids, I don’t really have any symptoms at all, other than regular “period symptoms” like mild cramping, lower backache and headaches and bloating. Which if I take Pamprin or Midol, those go away for a few hours, so they’re not bothersome at all, other than they’re a constant to go along with all of my bleeding.

    If this is just cysts, what will the doctor do? What can I expect as far as an exam and treatment? Should I be as worried and scared of this as I am? Is there a “natural cure” for this, something I can do on my own? Please don’t be rude, I’m seriously worried sick about this and would really like to know what’s going on, but at the same time I don’t. Does that make sense? If it’s nothing serious, then I want to know, but if it’s major, I’m scared to find out!

    • wrestlingrocks says:

      ok, your symptoms are somewhat similat to mine! I had a transvaginal ultrsound and they found fibroids in my uterus! You really need to see a doctor because if you are having trouble with your period as i am & you have not been successful with pregnancy you may have fibroids, cysts, endometriosis etc… It may be nothing which i hope! but the only way to really know is by having the correct tests done! good luck. also, if it’s cysts or fibroids or something else, the doctor can do procedures that will not affect your fertility!

  3. norma says:

    What are the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?
    I feel this certain kind of pain on my left side when i ovulate. I just had a Myomectomy( fibroids) in November and i was feeling such pains b4 then. I thot it would stop after the surgery.My Gynae checked during the surgery and he said my tubes & ovaries are fine.

    • Rachel S says:

      Gabbie gave a great list of the symptoms. Most women only experience a few of the symptoms – I’ve never heard of a woman who has all of them. I was diagnosed primarily because of irregular periods and acne – I don’t have the common symptoms (weight gain/inability to lose weight, insulin resistance/diabetes). The only way to be absolutely positive is through an ultrasound looking for the cysts. If your doctor checked during your surgery, you’re fine.

      Pain during ovulation on one side or the other is pretty common. It may indicate which side the egg is being released – you may release predominantly on the left side.

  4. distinctiveflair says:

    ***Is there a chance of Fibroids at 23?
    Last year I had an abortion. Not only was it a very difficult time but since then I started to get very bad pains in my right ovary. I was admitted into hospital last year with an apparent ruptured ovary although the doctor never did any further examination just gave me pain killers with morphine and sent me home. It continued on and off after that and now my symptoms are as below:

    pain in abdomen particulary right side
    pain during periods
    pain now continues into the thigh/leg sometimes
    always need to urinate
    problems passing urine

    Now ive got an ultasound coming up but its not till another 4 weeks so in the mean time im trying to get as much information as I can.

    Any ideas guys what it can be? I know its highly unlikely to be ovarian cancer at 23 so I’m wondering if its fibroids?

    Thanks for the replies!

  5. vonny says:

    Problem with my ovaries? Now getting worried. Cancer or Cyst?
    Whilst I have a fairly good understanding of medical issues, I’m struggling to understand this one. I hope somewhere out there, one of you may be able to help me with info. I am in my 40′s. I had a hysterectomy due to bad fibroids when I was in my early 30′s. They left both ovaries, (well at least one) and my cervix. I have no children.
    The last few weeks, I have CONSTANT heavy pain in the ovary area. It’s like bad period pain and includes sudden needle-sharp pains too. After sex, it gets worse…so that’s not encouraging! I also need to wee more, but there’s no pain associated with that. I am also really tired which is unlike me, have lost weight…I am only small anyway. There is no history of Cancer in the family.
    When I had my abdominal Hysterectomy, four weeks later, I was admitted with blood-poisoning and had to have another (vaginal, so ‘inside’ the second time) operation to drain an abcess that had formed on my bladder, so kind of had 2 Hysterectomies in 5 weeks. Soon got better after that though and haven’t had any problems till recently.
    What I’m hoping to find out. Are my symptoms an Ovarian Cyst, or Cancer? The Doctor said I look too well for Cancer, which I thought a little stupid and uncaring.
    Obviously, I have visited the Doctor and am due for some tests within the next 3 weeks. This seems a long way away right now and I’m not sleeping well as I’m so worried. I love my life and really don’t want it to be cancer. Oh and by the way, I refuse conventional HRT, I take a herbal alternative which does work well.

    • kathy s says:

      I think your doctor is just trying to make you feel better. But you really need an MRI, ultrasound and blood work _ CA 125. Your symptoms could be an ovarian cyst, cancer, or a bladder problem. There is no easy route. Do step by step elimination until they discover what the problem is. Hang in there. When I had breast cancer, I had to go thru a battery of tests to see if I could withstand surgery and chemotherapy – they had to see if my heart was strong enough, had the cancer spread to my lungs or chest. Everything involved an x-ray, or dye injection or some other test. Just don’t miss any appts and good luck!!

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