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Natural Home Remedies For Fibroids In The Uterus

Author: Gail Atkinson

There are a number of different natural home remedies for fibroids in the uterus, some of which are aimed at bringing a little symptomatic relief whereas others are geared towards encouraging shrinkage. A large proportion of women will have fibroids, but for most no treatment is necessary. For others though, intolerable symptoms such as extreme bloating, urinary problems, pain and discomfort can lead to many women seeking some form of treatment.

Although it is impossible to accurately determine the causes of fibroids in an individual woman, they are linked to a number of scenarios, including poor gastrointestinal health, inflammation of the gut, estrogen excess, being overweight and insulin resistance, amongst others.

Natural home remedies for fibroids include avoiding known aggravators, such as caffeine, conventional dairy produce, non-organic produce which has been grown with the use of pesticides, alcohol, refined sugar, white carbohydrates and transfats. In addition, liver detoxification is often recommended as this can help to eliminate estrogen mimicking substances (xenoestrogens) which become "locked" in the liver and difficult to excrete.

Taking regular exercise can have a double benefit. It can help with excess weight and can often reduce stress levels, both of which can aggravate fibroids. It will also improve the circulation around the pelvic area which in turn will relieve congestion. The endorphins produced can also help to alleviate the pain often caused by fibroids.

Many women find that heat therapy and abdominal massage are simple natural home remedies for fibroids. A warm, soothing bath followed by a heat pad on the abdomen can be extremely helpful when coupled with gentle, circular massage.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/natural-home-remedies-for-fibroids-in-the-uterus-3685414.html

About the Author

Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution.  Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.

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9 Responses to Uterus And Fibroids

  1. haymona58 says:

    How to shrink uterus fibroids without surgical operation?
    I have a large number of uterus fibroids since many years that increased in size and enlarged my uterus than its normal size, i become like a pregnant in around 5 months and started to cause bleeding I am 48 years old now. what should I do to shrink fibroids without surgical operation? Can food shrink fibroids and what other ways should I follow?

    • Jean says:

      I am unaware of anything you can do non-surgical to shrink fibroids. Everyone I’ve known who’ve had these have ended up with a hysterectomy. Sorry I don’t have more positive suggestions. Best of luck!

  2. cs28 says:

    19 year old with possible uterus fibroids?
    My sister is 19 and has been having a hard time with her period. She has terrible symptoms like nausea, vomitting, chills, the works and recently went to a gynecologist and was told that she could possibly have fibroids. Is this bad? and if so, can she still have children in the future?

  3. pauline says:

    dr said i have an enlarged uterus, fibroids. the ultrasound said negative what else would enlarge uterus?
    10 years ago dr said fibroids. last visit she said again. i had an ultrasound it came back negative. I have very heavy bleeding. what else could cause enlarged uterus and heavy bleeding.
    the ultrasound was transvaginal. i have not gone through menopause even tho i am over 50.

    • star_unknown1 says:

      May be your fibroids have shrinked naturally. I had many fibroids and heavy bleeding. Hormones may cause heavy bleeding. I think you should do the altrasonogram again to confirm about fibroid. You may have problem with overy also. Fibroids are the only reason to make your uterus enlarged.

  4. aartimalhotra78 says:

    uterus fibroids?
    I am 5 weeks pregnant, and diagnosed with 3 fibroids which are 15mm, 17 mm and 11mm. A 4.5 x 4.3 cms heterogenons SoL is seen towared right adneral region.
    Kindly advise if my pregnancy is safe? what measures shall i take to keep my pregnancy? What will be post-pregnancy treatment to remove these fibroids? Can these fibroids cause problem during pregnancy and lead to miscarriage or some other kind of damage to me or my child?
    My age is 29, my periods were normal with 25 days cycle

    • Mizpoeme says:

      Hi there
      I too have been suffering from fibroids so much so I was told I may not be able to have children haha, My daughter will turn 10 months day after tomorrow.We beat the odds. I had no real problems from them during pregnancy I was however considered high risk so you may need to see a high risk OBGYN to care for you during your pregnancy.She was wonderful , answered all my concerns and she did a lot of ultrasounds . I had one large one that may have contributed to my daughter being breech and me having to have a c-section. I don’t want to frighten you but there are several complications that could occur during pregnancy so see a specialist and trust your gut, I switched doctors at around 5 months because my first doctor was so arrogant in not addressing my concerns . If you feel your doctor does not give you the answers you need and make you feel safe and comfortable you have every right to switch to one that will. Delivery with fibroids can be dangerous because they can weaken the uterine wall causing rupture. So you should definitely be prepared to have a C-section if necessary. In the end the only thing that matters is you and your childs safety not how they arrive in the world just that you are OK.
      Take Care and I hope I helped some
      Good Luck with the Pregnancy.

      oh ps with the fibroids my doctor reccomends that I wait 1 year until I try again to get pregnant I have my fibroids monitored every 6 months. But sometimes pregnancy can kill them
      by cutting off the blood supply .

  5. purple says:

    Hi I am having a hysterectomy soon. Uterus and fibroids removed! Will this decreased my sex drive or will?
    taking the ovaries decrease the sex drive? If so what can the doctor give me to increase sex drive? Does hormone pills make you gain weight? Only serious people please respond to my question, I am serious. This is important to me, ladies. My fibroids are more painful than child birth!!! And huge enlarged my uterus, looking pregnant ladies, not good when you are not really pregnant!!! Thanks again.

    • Jaymes says:

      I don’t think that taking the ovaries out decreases sex drive. It never did me. I mean it didn’t have any effect at all when I had my hysterectomy.
      Gaining weight? There is no known reason why it should make you gain weight. I think what happens is that you wind up feeling free-er without your period every month and you don’t wind up with the cramping every month. You feel better so you eat more. That’s my opinion.
      I’ve always heard, that after a hysterectomy that sex actually gets better. Because you don’t have to worry about pregnancy. I didn’t help me any, but it does a lot of women.

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